Senior Elementary (Ages 9 -11)

Senior Elementary (9 - 10)

Senior Elementary is a time of many changes. Listening skills are a must! Academics become more structured, though still adhering to the Montessori philosophy. The students have teachers between whom they switch between each day, as well as spending some time each week in the various special areas of Computer Science, Spanish, music, and P.E.

Students learn the importance of staying organized with a daily planner, and there is a strong emphasis on personal responsibility for completion of classwork and homework. There is an increased emphasis on independent work, though being able to communicate and work well with a partner is still important.

Relevant catechesis and lessons in keeping with the tenants of our Catholic faith are taught utilizing primary resources such as the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. During the school day our students can, with the support of capable and caring staff, grow in their relationship with God. Students consider challenges and decisions in light of the Gospel message. Many senior elementary students serve as readers, altar servers and members of the choir both during our monthly school mass and Sunday Parish mass.